Warli Art-An Ancient Indian Tribal Art

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Warli is a tradition Indian folk art wherein white/black paint is used to make simple lines and shapes - triangles , circles and squares on a brown surface resulting in mind blowing pictures. This kit introduces the child to this wonderful folk art. While putting together the pieces of some brown cards to form beautiful warli art purse, wall hanging, tray as they learn the basic form. Warli art can be extended to terracotta plate and diyas resulting in some amazing creations. Age 5 and up.
An Ancient Indian Tribal Art Indian Warli Art is an educational art kit of Warli painting-the traditional Art form of Maharashtra. The exciting and simplistic art and craft kit enables a child to make home-utility products for playing like (Hand Bag, Wall Hanging etc). ideal for children above 5 years.
Let your children get to know more about Indian Culture through our exciting Art and Craft Kit.
Patterns of Warli Painting - It basically consists of geometrical patterns
Circles : representing the sun and the moon.
Triangle : triangle deprived from mountains and pointed trees.
Square : Indicating a sacred enclosure or a piece of land. So the central motive in each ritual painting is the square. These geometric figures are joined together to form beautiful pattern, like two apex of triangles are joined together to form a human figure.
Features : Do it yourself Craft Series Kids learn and play with colors, making drawings etc Improves creativity in the kid. Art and Craft Kit A Complete kit for art lover kids who would like to show this to their friends and relatives.
For Ages 5 and up Kid can make designs as images on the box or use their own imagination to do lot more.
Contents Included:
1 Hand Bag
1 Wall Hanging
1 Purse
1 Decorative Tray
1 Name Plate
6 Colour Tubs
1 Brush
3 Sketch Pen
1 Palatte Lace
Caution : Not for children under 3 years. Contains painting colors. Adult guidance recommended.
Please Note: The Picture and objects will be different as shown on the box. Also the instructional manual does not have steps on how to make it rather it only has images to show how it will look on completion.