Science 61-61 Dynamic Science Experiments in One Colossal Kit

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Explore all fun-filled science activities in this jam- packed super kit!

Get ready to discover a world of science through over 60 exciting and fascinatig experiments guide which helps learning important concepts of science through 60+ experiments which give practical knowledge to the student.

The students learn - Water, Chemical, Sound, Optic Chemistry - States of Matter, Force Basics, Earth Crust and Climate with over sixty fun experiments.

Contents Included:
72 Pages Experimentation Instruction Guide Book
Table Top Volcano
Magnifying Glass
Spinning Top
Sun Dial
Soap Bubble Ring
Suction Cup
2 Plastic Coloured Glass
Flexible Straw
Plastic Ball
Plastic Stick
Sun Dial Disc
5 Illusion Coloured Discs
Soccer Player Card
Magnifying Glass Frame