3 in 1 Dough Blast

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Encourage your little ones to express their creativity with this 3 in 1 dough blast set. Its a clean, non-toxic modeling compound.
1. Dough Factory : This game comes with a set for dough factory. Simply slide an exclusion strip into the front of the extruder. Lift the extruder's handle and load some dough into the cavity. Slowly press the handle down to extrude desired shape and cut to finish.
2. Funny Faces : Plastic Parts are included like Hands, Nose, Eyes, Mouth, Ears, Hats, Shoes, etc. which can be used to make different creatures with faces, eyes etc
3. Animals : Different plastic Parts are included which helps in making animal shapes like rabbit, bear etc
Instructions: To keep material soft, always put back in container after play. Store in a cool place. Do not mix with water. If necessary, water maybe added one drop at a time to restore softness.
Contents Included:
5 Tubs of Fun Dough
2 in 1 fun-doh extruder with 2 extrusion strips
8 Animal Moulds
Fun-doh Knife
Assorted Plastic Body Parts- including hands, nose, eyes, mouth, ears, hats, shoes, etc.,